Education program


What is Proud Paralympian?

Proud Paralympian aims to support Para athletes to be the best that they can be, living the Paralympic values, both on and off the field of play.

Proud Paralympian will empower the  Para athlete with the knowledge and resources that will help them in their development during and after  sporting career, thus contributing to the International Paralympic Committee’s vision: To enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.

If anyone aspire to become a Paralympian by competing at the Paralympic Games, life as an athlete requires balanced training, a commitment to fuelling the body properly and following the rules of fair-play.

In life outside sport, one needs to find a balance between personal and professional lives, and gain the tools to take the skills beyond competitive career.

As an active citizen, a para athlete can make a difference by changing perceptions, contributing towards a more inclusive society by redefining the limits of what is possible.

That´s why a series of workshops delivered by Paralympians will be offered at Sao Paulo 2017, where athletes will have the opportunity to learn about:

1. The Paralympic Movement
2. Working with the media
3. Dual career strategy
4. Ethics

Date: 18, 19, 21, 22 March
Location: Convention Centre

All workshops will be offered in the following languages:
• English
• Spanish
• Portuguese

In addition to the workshops, during the competition there will be an Athlete Space conveniently located in the Main Medals’ Plaza offering activities related to the four topics mentioned above. These are designed to be interactive and engaging for athletes, further reinforcing the concepts learnt in the workshops.

Athlete Space
Date: 21-25 March
Location: Main Medals’ Plaza

Activities at the Athlete Space include some of the following:
• Tree of dreams
• Paralympic memory
• Paralympic values Jenga
• Facebook photo booth