Age at the Youth Parapan Am Games: 14-20 years

In sitting volleyball, the competitors comprise men and women with physical disabilities or disabilities related to movement. In the São Paulo 2017 Youth Parapan Am Games, sitting volleyball matches will involve two teams of three players each competing against one another. Each set has 25 points, with 15 points for each tie-break. The winning team is the first to win three sets. The court 10 metres by 6 metres, with the net set at 1.15 metres high in the men’s event and 1.05 metres high in the women’s event. Blocking serves is permitted, but players must remain in contact with the floor every time they touch the ball.



The players are arranged into two groups in accordance with the extent of limitation caused by their disability. Amputees and those with more severe movement problems are put into class D (disabled). Those with disabilities that are almost imperceptible, such as mild joint problems or partial amputations, are classed MD (minimally disabled). Each team must have no more than two class MD athletes and both may not be on the court at the same time.