Age at the Youth Parapan Am Games: 14-20 years

In table tennis, the competitors comprise men and women with cerebral palsy, amputees or wheelchair users. The competition is divided between standing players and sitting players, with individual matches either in doubles or teams. Matches are the best of five sets, with each set being a race to 11 points. When players are tied at 10 points apiece, the winner is the first player/double to lead by two clear points. In relation to conventional table tennis, there are only some small differences in the rules of Paralympic table tennis, such as during the moment of serve for sitting players.


Athletes are arranged into 11 distinct classes, with the higher class numbers corresponding to the least physical-motor impairment in players. Classification is made by measuring the range of movement of each athlete, their muscular strength, movement restrictions, balance in a wheelchair and ability to hold the bat.