Youth Parapan: Jamaica closes its participation with 3 medals

Jamaica finished its participation in the Parapan Youth games in style today after winning its third medal in athletics with a team of two athletes.

Tevaughn Kevin Thomas won the silver medal in the 100 meters and came in fourth in his category in today’s 400 meter event. Tevaughn, who is from the town of St. Mary’s, said that, although he was disappointed to not win the Gold medal, he is still very happy with his result. “I hope that I can keep improving and participate in the next Paralympics.”

Jason Dennis Brown

After winning the Bronze medal in the 100 meters, Jason Dennis Brown took home his second Bronze in the 400 meters today. Brown, who lives with his mother in the agricultural town of St. Catherine’s, said that he was surprised at his result, since this was the first time he ever competed in the 400 meters, one of athletics most physically grueling events.

“It was amazing for me,” he said. “I am happy and excited. I can’t wait to call my family and tell them about it. They were very excited when I told them I won the bronze in the 100 meters so they are going to be very happy to hear about this because when I started running I did not plan on ever competing in the 400 meters and I came out and did well. So they are going to be very excited that I was able to make my country and my team and myself proud. “

Jason, who enjoys listening to Reggae music when he is not training or studying, said that one key to his victory listening closely to his coach, who emphasized that he should not worry and just bring it out and try his best.

“I would like to give a message to all of the younger athletes who are starting out in para-athletics. All hard work brings success. Without hard work there is no success. I would like to encourage all of the other athletes who are entering track and field to work hard and have to have a goal that they are aiming towards. Make a goal for yourself, make an objective and strike for it.”

The rest of the results of today’s athletics competition can be found on the Youth Parapan Games official website.